Maroon Top and Heels

I think I ate too much last night. It was one of those days you just don't feel like you ate enough though your stomach is more than full. I just kept eating and eating. As a result, I did not get a good night of sleep. I had dreams after dreams and woke up really heavy and tired. The lesson of the day is to be careful about what you eat before you go to bed, because it might really ruin how your day goes the following morning. 

Enough about my eating habit, I love this look because of the color burgundy. I thought burgundy was color of fall, but I think you can still pull it off for other seasons as a night out or date look. Burgundy has a tone of elegance that can really lift up a simple outfit for something more dressy. If you have a burgundy item in your closet from your fall items, try to redress it for spring and summer. Let me know how you restyle the time, so I can check it out.