Things About Starting Med School I am Nervous About

I am excited about starting med school in a few short months, but they are a few things that I can't help but be nervous about. I am sure once school starts I will figure it out, but the type A in me wants to know everything at all times. First, I am bit nervous about making friends. Mostly because I am unsure if I would find people who I would share common interest besides being in med school. Friendships are big part of my life and I am the type to invest in friendships that would last life time.

I graduated college 4 years ago, and am married. So I feel like I might be in a bit of different place in my life compared to people who just graduated from college. I can't pin point exactly what I am trying to say. I guess I would not mind being friends with people who have done other things after college, so we have something in common. Also it would be awesome to have friends who have significant others that are not med student, so we could go on double or triple dates or have study sessions while our SOs hang out.

Second, I know that med school puts a lot of pressure on relationships and I have seen some relationships being destroyed. Maybe I am being paranoid, but I would really love it if my marriage adapts to my med school life without much of trouble. Lastly,  I can't explain how much taking student loans is stressing me out. I was lucky enough to pay for college with scholarships and work study. So I don't have any undergrad loans. I am just so uncomfortable with loaning so much money and having to think about paying it back for a decade after I graduate. Don't even get me started on the interest rate... I am sure I am just over thinking about everything, things will be fine once August hits...