1/8 MD

I am done with the first half of my first year in med school as of today, and I am super excited. Exams went well for the most part, but I think I could have done better in some respect. I am seriously considering not going to classes from now on. Reading the lecture materials myself and then going through the lecture videos on fast-forward to clarify points and to check if the professor has said anything that is not in the notes might be more efficient in the long run. Since I am here for the long run, might as well start early to make things better.  Enough about school...

It is the first time ever, I have no idea what I am doing for my holiday shopping. I heard some of my classmates doing their holiday shopping during our thanksgiving break, but I just despise the mall during that time of the year, so I did not go to the mall or anything. Not that this time of the year is any better... but now I have no other option. Maybe I will go to the mall on Monday, when nobody is there.

I am so dumbfounded by my two week break. I have not had any break since I started grad school except this last summer. Although I had 3 weeks off, it was a busy three weeks and definitely was not enough to recover from my thesis work. Now I truly have two weeks off. I don't know what to do with myself. I guess we will find out.