Officially done with my first year of med school

Hey everyone, I am done with my first year of med school and I am super excited. We had a comprehensive NBME exam last week and we had to pass it. I hear that some schools have it twice a year, so I can't complain that I only had to do it once. Overall, the first year went well. It went so quickly that I could not believe it is over.

When you have monthly exams that you had to study intensively for the 3 weeks of it, I guess time flies. After every unit, I hoped it was going to get better, but seriously things never got easier. Units kept getting harder and denser and it was hard to keep up with things. But I got used to it. I hear that next year is even harder, but I am excited for it, because subjects are directly relevant to clinical medicine.

I thought about what I could have done differently, there is not much to it. I have tried my best and I am glad I tried different kinds of study techniques. Although I am not fully satisfied with my performance, I am not sure if there is anything else I could have done to be honest.

The part of the battle is that everyone in med school is super smart and it is weird to be average after being in the top of the class. I think everyone felt the same way and learned to accept that it is ok to be average. I am happy to move onto my next year and learn more.