2 weeks into my second year

It is end of my second week of medical school. I already like it better. It is designed to be more independent study compared to first year which has heavy lecture load. Our pathology lectures are more clinical and we are expected to learn the basic science on our own. I was not sure in the beginning how I felt about it, but now I am starting to like it. Certainly it depends on the lecturers. If the lecturer is bad, then it would end up being waste of time. I am more of an independent learner, so this year would work out better for me. Last year, I could not quite let go of going to lectures, because I was afraid. But this year, I am going to do what I like with confidence.

We only have a few classes consistently all year, which is awesome. Last year we had tons of different classes and every unit things changed, so it was too much change all the time. This year we have pathology, pharmacology, microbiology, practice of medicine all year around and behavioral science and evidence based medicine in a couple of units. It is great.

Last year, I really tried things that we were out of my comfort zone to make sure I am not missing out on anything. But seriously I was not, so I am just going to do whatever I feel like without feeling like I might be missing something super important lol. Also I have a super awesome planner that would keep me organized, which is going to be so helpful for my scattered brain.

Oh by the way, my second publication was accepted yesterday. It was part 2 of my PhD thesis. It was much denser paper and included tons of work. I am really excited that it was accepted. Of course we had to do some work and rebuttal in response to the reviewers, but nothing was unmanageable. I did not have time to finish things up before starting med school and my PI was busy with working on my lab mate's paper right at the time. So we could not submit the paper before I graduated. He has been so understanding since I started med school. He did most of the final touch ups and final supporting experiments. And I can't ask for better mentor.

I am excited to see what this year brings ...