Personal Statement Do and Don't

Here are the general consensus you would find on "dos and don't" of a medical school admission's personal statement. I talked about how I wrote mine in a previous post here.  


Use clichés such as I want to help people
Talk about sickness of family member, friend or yourself
Repeat topics covered in other parts of the application
Directly list your strengths
Be too dramatic, cute, philosophical, too creative etc...
Use too informal or formal language
Criticize a physician or health care professionals
Mention you do not want to interact with patients or say you are in it for money ( I guess enough people have done it to be mentioned)
Avoid quoting other people, because the essay is about you
Avoid controversial topics


Give enough to time to work on it
Be concise
Be yourself
Try to make your essay unique (still do not know how...)
Explain why you choose medicine over anything else
Show your strength by experiences and facts
Make sure transitions are smooth and essay flows nicely

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