Leather Jacket, Hunters Boots & Cashmere

We went apple picking yesterday and bought some Empire and Fuji apples. I prefer smaller apples, because I find them sweeter and juicier. Unfortunately the orchard did not grow my all time favorite, golden delicious. They are almost like mix of pears and apples, and they are really tasty. 

I have been trying to break in my All Saints Leather Jacket that I bought last year from their Christmas sales. The jacket is lined and made of thick quality leather. So it has been like breaking in a new pair of leather boots to be honest. It is uncomfortable to wear, but I noticed that it is getting better with each wear. I heard that you can oil the leather or put it in a dryer to fasten the breaking in process, but I am too scared to, since I spent so much money on it. 

The jacket is beautiful and I have it in size 4. It is just big enough for having a sweater underneath it, which is perfect. I saw Brooklyn Blonde wearing a similar one in brown color and she has the exact same size for the same reason. I really love my jacket and will probably invest in All Saints Conroy Jacket in black eventually. 

I am not a big fan of rain boots, because they are clunky and uncomfortable. But sometimes I need to wear them, so I purchased Hunter Tour Packable in green last year when I went fishing with my husband a few years back. I absolutely love them, because they are more comfortable compared to the Hunter Originals.

I wear them a few times a year besides in the rain. Christmas tree shopping is definitely one of them. We pick a tree and cut it every year with my in laws. Sometimes it is super muddy there if it is not cold enough before Christmas, so the Hunters come in handy. Also they are must haves for camping, fishing, apple picking and other outdoor activities. I don't really fish, but sometimes Nate wants me to go with him, so I try fishing for 20 minutes from time to time.

I care about my comfort more than their appearance when it comes to clothes with the exception of shoes. During fall and winter, I am a big fan of cashmere sweaters (I like this Equipment one) and basic tees. I just layer them and go on with my life. I buy my cashmeres when I go to Mongolia. Mongolian cashmere is known for its quality, because goats have finer hair due to extremely cold temperature In Mongolia during winter.  

If you are not sure if cashmeres are worth the price and trouble of maintaining, I assure you that you will never go back to wearing anything else after trying. But it is important to buy high quality cashmere, because cheap cashmere costs just as much and does not last as long. So you do the math. I am trying to do more outfit posts when I can. Let me know if you like to see specific looks or outfits in the comments.