Coat Season

I have been enjoying the light coat season this fall. I collected quite a few coats over the years and it has been really fun to switch them out every few days this fall. This particular one is a hand me down from my mom. It is convertible wool blend. The other side is plain dark blue, which I don't really care for. What I love about this coat the most is the simplicity. It makes my outfit look more put together in a second even if I am wearing jeans and sneakers. I am sad that it is getting too cold for this coat and I probably have to move onto more heavy duty ones, which is not fun.

I have been dreaming about this Canada Goose Parkas for a couple years now. But they are so expensive. I would not mind investing in one, since we have really long and cold winters around here. However, I am afraid if I buy one, I might end up staying around the area longer than I want to. I want to move somewhere that does not snow as much after med school. I can get little superstitious from time to time. Also the price is little hard to swallow for me right now. 

Do you get cold winters? What do you wear during the winters most of the time? I would love to hear about it.