Red coat and Sweater dress

We don't go to the mall on Black Friday. I don't find good deals on clothing at all. Instead we just go to little shops here and there. Nate went to Barnes and Nobles to get a fly fishing book signed and I went to a local boutique.

Today was the first day we went somewhere on purpose to take outfit pictures. It was so nice outside and I think we had fun. I definitely preferred less crowded areas to avoid people. I am not sure if we can keep taking outfit pictures with our crazy schedules and upcoming snow seasons, but I can certainly try. It is commitment to take consistent outfit pictures. I don't know how people do it.

During colder seasons, I prefer soft and warm sweaters. My mom bought this cashmere sweater dress for me last summer. It is heavenly comfortable and super soft. I can't get enough of it. As I have mentioned before, good cashmeres are worth the money  if you have cold winters. Everything is too old to be bought anywhere, so I linked similar items below if you are interested.