California Naturel Moisturizer for Oily Skin (Press Sample)

I was sent these guys seriously over a year ago. Because last year was so hectic, I could not get to review them until now. I guess it is better now then never. These are Balancing Complex and Nourishing Cream from California Naturel. It is a skincare line based out of California that use natural and organic ingredients in their products.  

Although I finished both of them while ago and really loved using them. The Balancing Complex is a very light moisturizer that is made out of various oils and plant extracts. Although it is oil based, I used during the day. It prevented my oily combination skin get shiny throughout the day. I think it actually balanced my skin really well.

The Nourishing Cream is ticker. It is also made out of different oils and plant extracts. I used it when I had drier skin from my acne meds. They were gentle yet moisturizing without being so greasy. I loved how it was soothing and not irritating. My acne meds made my skin super sensitive, so this was a perfect moisturizer. 

I really love these guys. I would totally reuse them, specially the Balancing Complex. I highly recommend them for people who like more natural skincare. Although you can't find these in stores, California Naturel offers free shipping, so it is really easy to buy them.