Hunter Boots and Neon Green Jacket

A couple weeks ago, I tagged along with Nate when he went fly fishing. I took pictures while he fished. I knew I was going somewhere muddy, so I wore my Hunter rain boots. This happens so often that I bought them in the first place. I wore them again last weekend when we went to get our christmas tree (very instagramable moment). I am getting a lot of use out of them. 

I think rain boots are generally on the ugly side and quite uncomfortable. But the packable version of Hunter boots are the most comfortable rain boots I have tried. I think they are little over priced, but I could not find any rain boots that were this flexible. So I thought it was worth the price. Otherwise, you can find hunters on sale in Nordstrom Rack for reasonable price. 

I know... my coat is super neon green. It is a hand me down from my aunt. She had it for years. It is from converse. I wear these guys when I need to wear something warm and short. Nate hates them, because they are so loud. I think it makes it even more fun to wear them. I am eventually going to replace them with something more reasonably colored, but for now they are here to stay.

The black jeans are from Citizens of Humanity. They are stretchy and super comfortable. Black pants tend to attract dusts and what not, but this one is not bad at all. I can have more of these pants if I can. Well that is. Just rambling to relax a little bit. I studied all day and bit tired.