Married in Med School: Choosing Med School

This is an old post from my old blog. I wrote two part posts when I was choosing med school. They are mostly my ramblings. But I thought it might be helpful for those of you who are currently in the same boat.

Post #1

A year ago, only thing I wanted was to get into a med school. Fortunately, now I hold multiple acceptances, which I am thankful for. I got 4 acceptances and 2 waitlist. I withdrew from one of the waitlists, because I didn't think it was a good fit for me. I withdrew from 2 accepted schools due to financial and geographic reasons. 

The other waitlist has the ideal geographically location, outside of a major metropolitan area. However, it is a private college that is 20K more than my state schools which are my other options. So I am leaning away from this one. 

My real dilemma is my state schools. One is located in more expensive area, which increases the living cost by 10k a year. The other one is near my in-laws and place I have been living last 7 years. The one that is away is slightly more reputable due to research. However I can still get research at the school near by too.  After weighting down the basics, I am realizing that the most important factor is rather personal.

The final decision have to be good for both me and my husband. The last thing I want is an extra strain on my marriage. Being a med student alone will limit my ability to spend time with my spouse and moving to a new place would make things more complicated. Both of us want to experience new places and surroundings, but we don't think medical school is the right time to do this move. 

I really want to go to the one that is away, but deep inside I know that staying around might be the practical choice. Maybe I already made my decision and just do not want to admit to the out loud, because it is not the one I want ...

Post #2: Update

I am so excited to tell you guys which school I picked. I picked the school that is near.  We went with our guts at the end of the day. I seriously can't be happier. I feel lighter. I was really anxious for a while because of this decision we had to make. Now I feel so stress free. I finally feel like I am going to be a medical student and enjoying the joy of going to medical school. It is an amazing feeling...

I don't think I mentioned that I was a reapplicant. I have been through the application cycle twice and the stress and amount of work and money involved is beyond crazy. However, finally I am done, and ready to start my medical career after finishing my graduate school. I deferred my acceptance by a year to finish up my graduate work and for additional personal issues. So I won't be starting until fall of 2014. Anyways, good luck to those of you who are applying to jobs, schools, internships etc...