New Years Resolution for 2016

 the photo by kazuend from  unsplash

the photo by kazuend from unsplash

Personal: Trust My Gut Feelings

I have a problem of not trusting my gut feelings and regretting it afterwards. The closest example I could give you right now is related to test taking, because that is my life in med school right now. I always pick an answer that I knew was the wrong one against my gut feelings. It could be self-confidence or self-doubt issue, but I have tried really hard this year and made some progress. Now this new year, I really want to make it a habit. 

Family: Make Time for Family

Compared to last year, this year I really had to make choices regards to activities outside of school.  Especially the week of the exam, my day consists of entirely studying and eating. I barely see my husband during that week. My husband's birthday and christmas tree shopping with my in laws were during the week of my last exam. I was instinctively tempted to skip the tree shopping and postpone the birthday dinner. It might sound ridiculous to some of you, but I think it is very common phenomenon in medicine. I decided that I would try to make it my priority to pick family functions over things that are reasonably important but not essential like exams. There are always going to be more exams and work, and if I start prioritizing work over family now, it might be too late to go back in the future. So I want to make it my habit now to prioritize family over nonessential job or school activity. 

Shopping: Quality over Quantity

I have been slowly getting myself into the habit of spending more money on a few quality basic wardrobe instead of multiple cheap trendy items. It has been a trial and error figuring out what is worth the money and what is not, but I want to improve on it further this coming year.  I am going to face my biggest wardrobe transition of my life.  I never needed to dress business casual on daily bases my entire life, so my wardrobe lacks more formal pieces. But I have to dress up every day when I am in clinical rotations starting May. I have made some progress this year, slowly buying more dresses and skirts, and would be expanding my collection more. 

Skincare: Fragrance and water free

I recently found out that my skin is super sensitive to fragrance and the local water. They exacerbates my acne which seem to be mostly hormonal and genetic. I want to ensure that my skincare is free of unnecessary preservatives and fragrance as much as possible. I can't possibly completely eliminate water, so I have to figure out a skincare routine that limits use of water as much as possible. 

Basic Maintenance: minimal

I am really bad at keeping up with my nail polishes and eyebrows. Finally, I decided that it is easier to opt out of nail polishes entirely than changing chipped old nail polishes. I am going to buff my nails, so they are clean and shiny. My eyebrows are whole different story. They really grow in any direction they want without any shape like a herd of animals. But I can always try harder to keep up with my eyebrows than let them go crazy like I normally do now.