outpatient medicine clinical experience


I had a clinical experience this week in outpatient internal medicine. It was my first private practice experience. It was nice to see a different practice model, because I have only seen things in public academic university hospital setting. 

The doctor was a young female physician. She was so warm and caring. She spent short, but quality time with her patients discussing their health and other things going on in their lives. Her patients were super happy with her. It is nice to see that you can still have physician-doctor relationships like that. 

I noticed that she spent good amount of time with charts after each visit. Even she commented that electronic charts have its ups and downs and she spends more time doing charts compared to paper charts.

On the other side, I bought this skirt from Loft a few weeks ago and I really like them. I also bought these Vince Camuto loafers and could not be happier. They are normally $275, but they are on sale for $89.99 at Saks Fifth. I highly recommend them. I love these tights from J Crew. They are so great for fall, because they are opaque and warm. Anyways, that is it for today.