DIY Rustic & Elegant Center Pieces and Shower Favors

I am a bridesmaid for my sister in law's wedding this coming weekend. She lives in a different state, so we had her bachelor's party and bridal shower over the same weekend in August. We did Mason Jar Decorating for the bachelorette party with catered Italian food. Then we went to a dessert bar to hang out for a while. The next day we had a brunch for the bridal shower. I did the center pieces for the shower. They turned out so well that I got so many compliments.

The shower theme was rustic elegance with champaign cake. The bridesmaids decided that we should hydrangea and baby's breath for the flowers, which I bought from the local grocery store. I added some purple wild flowers that were growing by the roads. I have no idea what they are called though. You need the following items and I bought them from Micheal's. 

I asked for help from the store associate to decide how much ribbons and burlap I needed. It was spot on. 

  • Measure the mason jar and cut burlap pieces 1 inch longer than the mason jar perimeter
  • Tape one end of the burlap onto the mason jars with double sided tape
  • Fold the other end of the burlap inwards to give more refined finish
  • Tape it onto mason jar on the burlap that is already on using double sided tape
  • Cut the ribbon pieces 3-4 times longer than the mason jar perimeter
  • Wrap the ribbon around the mason jar 3 times and tie a bow
  • That is it!!

The pink hydrangea's ended up looking better than the white ones, because the wild flowers were purple. For the flower arrangement

  • For 18 pieces, I bought 6 bouquets of hydrangea, 6 bouquets of baby's breaths
  • Start with 1 piece of hydrangea in a jar
  • Fill the left over spaces with baby's breath and wild flowers.
  • Make sure that the wild flowers were between the baby's breath and hydrangea, so they pop out instead of being pushed aside to the side.

We had mason jar favors filled with Lindt chocolates and Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks. You can see them in the first picture tucked in by the flowers. The flower arrangements costed around $180 for 18 pieces including the flowers, which is super cheap. Because these pieces would easily cost more than $800 if you hire for a florist. You can get fancier with the ribbons and mason jars. I linked prettier ribbons down below if you are interested.