Date Night


On May 6th, we celebrated our 4th year wedding anniversary. It was close to my exam, so we could not plan much. We ended up going to dinner at a fancy restaurant in a very cute town on lakeshore near by. We had the lake-view and  the food was delicious. If you are ever in Upstate or Central New York, you must visit Scaneateles. The restaurant's name is Sherwood Inn and I learned that it has been around since 1807 which is really cool. Nate had the Duck dish and it was very good. I had a greek salad and salmon. I loved the salad. The salmon was good, but the Duck was better. 

I was tempted to slack out on my outfit, but I promised myself I would not do that. When you study all day and everyday, you sort of lose sense of decency when it comes to your appearance lol. I am guilty of it and try to avoid it as much as possible. I took out my Zara dress I wore to my white coat ceremony (see it here). It was little chilly, so I threw a black flowy cardigan over it. I wore these shoes I bought for one of my friend's wedding. It is pinkish nude and very feminine. 

And my bag is from coach. It was a gift for my PhD graduation from my in laws. I really love it, because it is the perfect size and goes with everything. It is so similar to Louis Vuitton speedy bags that sometimes I wonder if I should get the real deal. But then I am a poor student with no income lol. 

Anyways, I really loved my day. We have not had much time together this year, because I have been so busy. He has been so supportive and understanding, which is amazing. I know not everyone is like that, so I try not to take it for granted. Relationship in med school takes understanding and a lot of support and it has been working out great so far for us. We want to do something special for our 5th anniversary next year for sure. It is falling around the time I have to take my board exam, so it needs some serious planning for sure.

I have been slacking off on the blogging side, because school really picked up speed after winter break and I have not figured out how to plan things ahead. I want to do some planning and scheduling over my summer break, so I can keep up with blogging. I really love blogging and would not want to give it up for now. Anybody who has any tips on managing working/studying full time with blogging, please leave it in the comments.