Weekend recap


We originally wanted to rent a cabin somewhere for the long weekend, but we could not find anything that was reasonably priced. Since we are heading to NYC next weekend, we were not too pushed to be out of town this weekend as well. I am attending the regional meeting for American Medical Women's Association and Nate is just tagging along to explore on his own. 

Although we did not get to go out of town, it was pretty eventful weekend. On Friday, Nate and his brother wanted to sell a few boxes of old books, so we went to local used bookstores. It was my first time ever being there, It was quiet relaxing to be lost in a place where I have no idea where things are. 

You can find really old copies of books in the store. I thought they have so much character and were so pretty. I bought an old copy of Scarlet Letter. There was no publishing date what so ever except a hand written note dating 1864.  I might have discovered a new hobby, collecting old books. 




I bought a book by Murakami that I have not read. So I am excited to read it. I also bought Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf. Ever since I watched the movie Hours, I wanted to read something by her. Since I was at the used bookstore, it was the perfect time to look for one. I want to read Orlando by her, but they did not have a copy.

I also bought Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky. I promise I will attempt to read it at some point in my life. I don't want to have books on my shelf that I don't ever want to read. But deep down, I have a feeling it might not happen. At least, it will look pretty on a book shelf. 

On my venture through the store, I found a shelf of old medical textbooks. How pretty are they? I wondered whether or not Cushing is the Cushing from Cushing's Syndrome. Being a good med student that I am, I decided against opening a text book on Friday night. So I just left it as is...


On Saturday, we went downhill skiing. It was so much fun. We took a lesson last year to learn the basics, so we are still newbies. Because there has not been much snow this year, there were not many tracks open and the easiest one was still pretty steep, so I fell so many times. We want to go to the other ski place next time, because there are less steep hills that are more appropriate for our skills. 

Today we were supposed to go to a trampoline place. Although my entire body is extremely sore from skiing or mostly falling all day Saturday, I still wanted to go. It sounded so much fun. Unfortunately, we are having a snow storm and it was too bad outside to leave the house. So I ended up studying like a good med student with a cup of hot chocolate.

Hopefully, the weather won't be too bad tomorrow, because I have a lunch date with my girlfriends tomorrow.