Over the Knee Boats and Knit Gloves

We were supposed to go to the city last weekend, but the trip was cancelled due to the storm. We ended up skiing. I fell way less this time around, which made it actually fun. Ski rentals are quiet expensive, so we are thinking about buying ski and boots, since we want to ski more in the future. However, they are so expensive, so we are trying to find used ones cheaper. I will update you on it once we get going on this project.

I bought these knit gloves from LL Bean on sale for $20. They are fleece lined, which makes them really warm. I actually don't buy gloves that are not lined, because they are never warm enough. Also this pair actually fit my short fingers, which is awesome. I can't find them online, so maybe your local LL Bean will have them. 

I have to talk about this legging from Amanda and Chelsea. I did not realize they were leggings until I tried them on, because they look just like regular dress pants. Everyone thinks they are pants when I wear them, which is amazing. They are so comfortable too. I bought them last year from Nordstrom Rack and would totally buy more in different colors if I find any. 

Coat: Gobi (similar, similar, similar) / Top: H&M (similar) / Gloves: LL Bean (similar) / Bag: Coach (similar) / Pants: Amanda and Chelsea (similar)/ Shoes: Blue by Saks Fifth (similar, similar) / Ear Warmer: Gobi (similar)