August - September Favorites: Surgery Edition

  • Sheet masks have been my go to skin care saviors over the last 2 months during my surgery rotation. When you have 12 hours days 6 days a week for 3 weeks straight, it could really do a number on your skin. I have been using Nature Republic ones I stocked up at the airport in Korea after showers in place of my moisturizers. 
  • I wash my hair every other day, but my hair is so fine and gets oily quick. So dry shampoos have been my must haves over the last few years. After trying a few of them, I really loved the Klorane ones the best. 
  • My lips get super dry, so I have put lip balms everywhere, so they are accessible. Vaseline Lip Therapy is the one by my bed, because I know it is going to work overnight.   
  • It has been a big change in terms of my outfits on daily bases this year. I never had to wear items that needed ironing every day. I really hate irons, so I bought a garment steamer. I would not say this particular one is the best thing I bought, but I still prefer it over irons. 
  • I always had a pair of converse chucks since I was a kid. I had to throw away the last pair after anatomy lab. I finally bought another pair and I love them as usual. 
  • I talked about my recent shoe purchase in a different post. I don't want to repeat myself again here. I could not find the exact pair online. I think these ones are super cute as well.