Finals Week

We are done with second year of med school. Time flies by unbelievably fast in med school. I am really excited to be finally done with classrooms and get one step closer to finishing med school. However, I am going to miss the freedom I have with my time. Right now I get to manage my day myself, because most classes are not mandatory. If I want to, I can stay in bed all day, which is great. It is going to be a big change for me next year. 

We are currently studying for pathology and microbiology finals. We had our pharmacology final last Friday. It is overwhelming to study for everything within a week. But all I can do is to study as much as possible and take the exam. 

I tried to study from review books, but I quickly figured out it is not the most effective way to study when you have limited amount of time. I switched to question banks. It is definitely less overwhelming and more directed at high yield content. I like the fact that I can concentrate on one question at the time, which seems more manageable. 

I am glad I am figuring this out now that I don't have to waste time during my dedicated Step 1 study time which starts on 28th of this month. Now all I have to do is learn all of pathology and microbiology within the next 4 days. Yay!