Med School: Starting My Third Year

I have been absent here for a while. I took my step 1 on April 30th and had two weeks of break. Now I am back to school for my third year of med school. Last week was orientation and we are starting our first clerkship this Monday. Everyone is nervous about this year, because it is totally an unknown territory that is different from book work. Everything is happening so quickly, I am not sure if I have processed everything.

I hear that I am getting my step score on Wednesday, which makes me nervous as well. The worst thing is that I am on call on that day, so I don't think I will be checking my score out later on Wednesday. My first clerkship is Psych by the way. I heard it is a good one to start out with due to its hours. I will update you on everything soon. I will probably do a post  on step 1 study schedule etc.