How To Stay Organized in Med School: Calendar

The first few months of med school was a big change for me, especially because I had been out of college for four years. Keeping up with ever changing schedules, meeting, quizzes, handouts and homework was something to get used to after having 9-5 routine job in the lab in graduate school. I have tried a few different methods including an electronic calendar and eventually stuck with a daily/monthly academic calendar from Day Design for Target.

First of all, electronic calendars never presented things in a way I wanted to. I am a very visual person when it comes to organization. IF things does not look right to me, my brain refuses to processes it. So I needed both daily and monthly calendar with daily To-Do-List. The monthly calendar keeps me organized in a big picture, while the daily calendar keeps me organized on daily bases with my changing schedules in med school.

The To-Do-List is for keeping tracking of my study plan. Med school in the first two years consists heavily of independent studies, incorporating multiple sources on multiple subjects in a very short amount of time. So it is super important to have a schedule that fits everything you need to study. Checking off completed tasks and being aware of things that still need to be done is going to help a lot. 

I still use an electronic calendar that is synced on my laptop, phone and ipad. I sync my electronic devices with my lecture schedules along with appointments and other commitments, so I always have important dates and schedules accessible anytime. For next year, I probably wont need a daily calendar, but a weekly calendar with To-Do-List will do the job. I will let you know if I do anything differently.