Boscia Sake Balm Review

Boscia Sake Balm is my current night time moisturizer and I am on my second tub. I love it for a few reasons. But before I go into it, I want to briefly describe my skin type. It is combination skin that is extremely sensitive to most things including water and fragrance. It is also acne prone. For that reason, I love Boscia products, because they are paraben, sulfate, pthalates and fragrance free. Boscia tries to keep it natural and chemical free as possible, so they only have 3 month shelf life, which means you are using fresh products as long as you bought it from reputable vendors. 

The texture of Boscia Sake Balm is interesting. It is not completely gel nor balm. As you can see in the picture above, it is similar to half solidified gello. Once you apply it onto the skin, it is watery gel moisturizer that is hydrating without being greasy. It would suit oily, combination and normal skin the best. If you have dry skin, you need thicker serum or oil to supplement it. I would highly recommend Boscia Sake Balm for people who extremely sensitive skin like me.