Dr.Collins talks about his experience as an orthopedic surgical resident at Mayo Clinic in his book, Hot Lights, Cold Steel. Some of the stories are so vivid that sometimes I wondered if he actually written diaries as a resident, which inspired me to have one to look back on.   He opened his book with a statement that really resonated with me.

"For too long I neglected this journey. It was an obstacle to be overcome, an ordeal to be endured; for I had never chosen the journey, I had chosen the destination. But now that the journey has ended, I have discovered that here isn't so important after all. I find myself looking back with particular fondness for how I got here."

I will try to enjoy my journey as much as possibly until I get to where I see myself in the future. The book is a funny, raw and honest memoir about his self doubt and struggle as an underdog of a highly sought after specialty. As a student, It is hard to remember that all the inspiring physicians I know were not just born that way. They have worked hard to get to where they are and they still work hard to stay where they are, because that is the nature of medicine, forever evolving. 

Another aspect that I found interesting was his family's journey through his residency. Not many books by physicians cover these aspects of their journey in details. Dr.Collins has 12 children and the book covers the time frame where they had the first three. There were some brutally honest parts about how his work hours and financial instability affected his family. I think it is a very relatable story about young couples who struggle to manage relationship, family and finance. I would not say it was mind blowing and life altering. But it still was a good read specially if you are interested in orthopedics.