Pastel Vintage

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I have been having a pretty good week, but a busy one for sure. Right at this moment, I should doing my homework, but guess what I am blogging. I am so lazy. If only there was a pill for procrastination, everything would be have been fine. So it is not my fault that I am being lazy, but it is scientists' fault not having any solution for procrastination. I don't even know if I make any sense. Do you I haha? 

I am currently watching a korean drama I Miss You. I think it is an old school korean dram that has a loooot of crying and crying and crying. It is not bad at all. Obviously there are better ones like All In and Autumn Tale that are much better at creating the worst possible scenarios out there. But this one is a good one since I have been mostly watching romantic comedies lately. 

Anyway enough with my rambling. The photos are Instagram Photos that I have taken last summer when we went to a wedding in New Jersey. My hubby decided that he is too good for suits so he did not bring his jacket with him and of course that was a horrible idea. I was having horrible cramps when he mentioned it, so I did not say much. The day of the wedding, we realized that he needed a jacket, so everyone including his dad, brother and I ended up shopping frantically at Macy's for a jacket and shirt that would go along with his pants. We eventually picked something which is the one he is wearing right now. 

Considering the situation, it was actually a good shopping trip. It is just funny sometimes when people realize the outfit they picked was not appropriate for the event only a few hours before the event. It definitely happened to me before, but I can't remember it specifically. Have you ever had to shop for an event only a few hours before?