Beauty Blender is Different From Regular Makeup Sponges

I wanted to know what the deal is with this little hot pink sponge. Normally I apply my foundation with my hands on daily basis for more natural look. For heavier coverage, I use kabuki brushes. I noticed that using any sponges result in the most natural looking coverage, but I hated how it sucked up most of my foundation. 

I wetted the beauty blender thoroughly which only took a second and squeezed the excess water out. It is pretty flexible, but compared to the general sponges, it is bit denser. I dotted my foundations on the usual spots and used the beauty blender to blend everything out. Everything applied evenly that I was wondering if it was even applying anything to my skin. Being a doubter, I thought that the pink blender was eating all my foundations instead of putting it on my face, but surprisingly most of my foundation was really on my face being blended beautifully like my second skin.

When I used the second layer of foundation as a concealer at areas that have breakouts and dry patches, the dampened blender did an amazing job covering the imperfections without emphasizing the dry patches and blemishes. I think the secret to the beauty blender is the denser composition and its round shape. So maybe if you try cheaper beauty sponges that is slightly ticker and round, you might be able to get the same result if you don't want to spend around $20 for this hot pink mess. I do not regret spending the money on it, but if I can find something else for cheaper, I would go for it.