NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Review and Swatches

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils were quite popular a year ago in beauty community, and I still see some of the colors here and there in beauty videos and posts. They are evidently one of the first jumbo style pencil eye shadow products. 

You can purchase a single NYX Jumbo Eye pencil for somewhere around $4. Although the price point is affordable, you can get them in batches of four for around $6-7 at Hautelook when they have NYX sales, which is pretty often. Only caveat is that you would not have the luxury to choose colors as they are pre-packaged. 
608 Cottage Cheese is one of the white colors that is alternative to the popular one in Milk. I don't have the Milk, but Cottage Cheese is a pretty useful highlighting and as eyeshadow base. 606 Baby Blue is a beautiful baby blue and 613 Lime is a neon green, which both could be fun for summer, but I personally do not use them as they are bit on the cooler side. 628 Cucumber is a shimmery bright green that could be used lash lines. 612 Gold and 631 Sparkle Leopard are my favorites. 612 Gold is shimmery gold with slight orange under tone, while 631 Sparkle Leopard is a shimmery amber that has a hint of burgundy. They are great base for neutral eyes when blended with darker eye shadows. 619 Rust is a burgundy red that could be used for smokey eyes, but it is bit out of my comfort zone. 621 Cobalt is a gorgeous royal blue and 618 Purple is true purple. I use them for a bright smokey eye for fun. 615 Slate is a shimmery dark grey that is an alternative to black. 601 Black bean is the typical black, while 626 Knight is shimmery black with big gold sparkles, which I find to be overly chunky. 

Overall, the color payoff is amazing with NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils. They are creamy and glides on eyes effortlessly. It is overly blendable that you can barely see the color. Instead of blending, I use eye shadows over it to erase the harsh edges. 

Longevity is literally a joke for these pencils, they will crease and disappear on you in matter of minutes, which is extremely disappointing. However, you can still use them under eyeshadows for smokey eyes, which works like magic. So I would recommend them for effortless grungy smokey eye looks. If you are looking for long lasting shades, then I suggest you check out Rimmel Jumbo Pencils which I heard good things about, though I have not tried it myself.