TIffany's Bead Earrings

Tiffany's Bead Earrings in 88mm graciously found its way to my jewelry collection. I was ecstatic when I received them as a gift and have been wearing them often. 

I absolutely adore them and anyone who is  contemplating casual earrings for everyday use, Tiffany's bead earrings are instant hit. They come in two different sizes 88mm and 100mm in addition to gold and silver colors. I personally prefer the subtlety of the silver color, but for people who likes bit of attention, gold ones would be perfect. 

As far as sizing goes, 88mm ones which I own is big enough to be clearly noticeable, while 100mm are pretty large in a way I would consider it on the verge of being statement earrings due to their size. If you are unsure about the sizing, 88mm would be a safer choice. 

Tiffany's Bead Earrings in sterling silver are quite affordable and would make an amazing gift for your significant other. It is subtle enough to be used daily while definitely adorning your ears!