Chanel Makeup Brushes Review : Foundation Brush #6 and Large Tapered Blending Brush #19

My first ever real makeup brushes were from Chanel Foundation Brush #6 and Large Tapered Blending Brush #19. I stopped by a Chanel counter at Macy's and was surprised by the softness of the brushes. When the sales rep told me that Chanel brushes have life time warranty, I just bought them. I must have been really rich then haha. That would not happen without serious research and much thinking these days.

Both brushes have wooden glossy handle with gold metal top part. I still can't get over how soft they are even now. They are so nice and gentle on skin, which I adore. Also all Chanel brushes come with velvet protective bag, which is great for travelling. But honestly, those bags usually end up somewhere I do not see.

Chanel Foundation Brush #6 ($45) is regular old paddle brush that I don't think people use much anymore at least in blogsphere. I barely use it myself anymore until recently. It works great with my Cover Girl 3 in 1 Foundation, so I have been using it often lately. I washed it multiple times and never saw any bristle fall outs, which is pretty impressive. Over all, I do not regret buying it, so if you like paddle brushes for your foundation, it is a great investment piece. 

Chanel Large Tapered Blending Brush #19 ($38) is supposed to be a blending brush, but I do not use it for blending, because it does a horrible job blending anything lol. However, it is a good brush for depositing color to specific area like inner corner of my eyes or under bottom lashes. If you are looking for blending brush, I suggest you check out Mac 217, which is cheaper and better at the job, but the softness of the brush is incomparable to anything I have tried so far. 

Have you tried any designer makeup brushes? What is your thoughts on them?