Elf Makeup Review: Bronzer, Eyebrow Kit and Complexion Brush

Usually I stay away from super cheap makeup and skincare, because really why are they so cheap? Maybe the question should be why is everything else so expensive, but I do believe that to certain extent you get what you pay for. 

Some where along the line in the blogging world, I gave in and bought a few elf products. It is hard to resist when they are just so darn affordable. I have hits and misses, and overall I had a positive experience with the brand. 

My most favorite product is the elf eyebrow kit. It comes with dark brown pomade, light brown powder and double ended brush. The brush is straight out useless and elf should stop putting them in. However, the product itself is really nice. The quality is impressive in general. I used them for months for a while before I dyed my hair, which at that point the color ended up being too dark for me. I highly recommend this oen for anyone who is interested in affordable eyebrow kit. 

The most used out of the all is the elf complexion brush. It is so soft, not too dense and not too flimsy. First I thought the brush was good for its price which is $3. But then I find myself using it everyday with powder products. It has gone through multiple washes, yet still going strong. Can you believe I pick this over the real technique powder brush? Anyways, I really love this brush.

Least impressive one is the elf studio bronzer in golden. I bought it because people were saying it was a dupe for Dior Shimmer Powder in Amber Diamond. The color wise I can see how it might be similar to Dior Shimmer Powder, but texture was really grainy and it was very disco bally on face. I saw someone use at the inner corners of the eyes, which actually worked pretty well, but I just could not get over the texture. 

Have you tried any elf products? Do you have any elf favorites?