Maybelline Volume Express The Rocket Mascara Review : Current Holy Grail

I might have found my holy grail mascara: Maybelline Volume Express The Rocket Mascara. It seriously can't get more perfect than this. You are probably like "Where have you been not trying this?" I am just not a big fan of hypes, because mostly I am disappointed by the result like I did with the Maybelline Falsies.  

Maybelline Volume Express The Rocket gives everything I want from mascara: false lash like length, incredible volume, clump free formula, hold and affordable price ($5-7). The formula is not too wet or too dry, it is almost just perfect. It has stubby rubber chunky brush, which is super easy to reach into bottom of the lashes to pack up that volume.

I don't even have any cons, which has never been the case with any mascara. Currently I have the regular one in black and it transfers a little bit if my face is particularly oily or when I skip setting powder under my eyes. But it could be easily solved by using the waterproof version. 

If you are into eyelashes that look like falsies, then I seriously recommend you try this. I am wearing it in my Forever 21 Floral Scarf post if you want to look how it looks. In those pictures, I did not even try hard to get that effect, so when I put bit more effort, the effect gets even more dramatic without clumping. 

Have you tried Maybelline Volume Express The Rocket? What has been your experience with it? Do you have any affordable mascara recommendations?