Real Techniques Powder Brush Review

Everyone was going gaga over Real Techniques Makeup Brushes a few months back, specially with the foundation brushes. I have too many synthetic foundation brushes that I probably should not buy any, but I wanted a big fluffy powder brush for setting powders. So I bought the powder brush, which costed about $10.

Real Techniques Powder Brush was exactly what I expected. It was super soft, fluffy and large.  I used it for a few days and eventually stopped using, because it didn't feel like anything was being put onto my face. It almost feels like it is not dense enough and too large for its bristle density. 

I prefer my elf complexion brush, which is surprising because it costs fraction of the Real Techniques one. I am not sure if I would try more brushes from Real Techniques as I am starting to realize I prefer natural bristles over synthetics in general. If I do end up caving, I might check out the Real Techniques Retractable Brushes and the ever so popular foundation brush. 

Have you used any Real Technique Brushes? What is your thought on them?