5 Things Girls with Long Hair Would Not Tell You

1. Hair everywhere : I feel like a shedding dog seriously most of the time, because there are hair everywhere. I think it is because one they are longer, so they are more noticeable even if it is a single strand. Also because longer hairs just tend to be more fragile, they break off easily, which might explain the shedding situation.

2. Headache from pony tails and top buns : Those cute buns or pony tails... forget about them. I get hair headaches just from the weight of the bun or pony tail. So I have to make sure the hair is distributed evenly and perfectly when I do my top buns, otherwise I end up my very sore head at the end of the day.  

3. Uses up products fast : My hair drinks shampoos, conditioners and hair masks. One because they are super long and two long hairs require a lot more treatment, which explains the hair mask situation. 

4. Hair dries forever : Take a quick shower and leave the house? Forget about it. My hair does not air dry fast enough to do that with or without hair dryer. So now I take night showers to avoid wet hair. 

5. Damaged Hair : Just from being super old, the ends of my hair tend to be so needy that I have to make sure to pamper it all the time, otherwise they look like old brooms. Not cute... 

Overall, long hairs come with a lot of work, but for now it is worth it for me. Maybe in the future, I might chop it off for change ... only maybe