PMD Personal Microderm Update 1

I have previously posted my first impression on the personal microdermebration device (PMD). I have used it a couple days ago again the first time since then. I used it with the gentlest plate before I went to bed. This time, it went pretty smoothly and quickly, because I think I am more comfortable with using it, so I went around my face two full times. The direction says that you can use it around the same area three times per use, so eventually I will upgrade it up to three times in the future.

Right after use, my skin was not completely red, but had a tint of red. There was no immediate visible improvements, and my clogged pores around my forehead looked bit irritated. But the next morning, my skin felt baby soft, moisturizer and foundation went on heavenly, and my complexion in general looked very radiant. It might have helped my clogged pores as well, because they look less obvious.

The effect lasted for at least a week, but now it is starting to wear off. I am thinking about it using it more often in the future to see how things go. And if you are interested in my progress with PMD, please follow me on whatever social media you keep up with your bloggers!