Wet and Wild Eye shadows and Eyeliner : Are they really that good?

It is no secret that Wet and Wild eyeshadows are taken their cult status in blogsphere, which is how it found its way to my small makeup collection a little over a year ago. I have the Walking on the eggshells and Sweet as Candy trios. They are unbelievably affordable (~3$), but I really had love hate relationship with them until recently. 

They are super creamy and easy to blend and everything everybody says about them is true, except the colors never translate quite right on my lids without primers/good base. Without a good base, all I am left with is the shimmer, not the color, which I think is the most bizarre thing. Maybe my eyelids drink eyeshadow or something. The final verdict is they are pretty good bargain for their price and quality, but I can live without them.

Wet and Wild brow and eye pencil in dark brown (652) is actually pretty creamy and pigmented. The staying power on my eyebrows are pretty good, not so much on my lids, but that is usually the case for any eyeliners really anyway. It costs 99 cents, which is crazy. But the color runs bit too red for my eyebrows, so I really do not use this pencil. It is a good multi functioning pencil for those of you with normal eyelids if you find the right color. 

Is there any Wet and Wild product I should try? Do you love any Wet and Wild products?