PMD Personal Microderm Update 2

I just used the PMD device again (first impression and update 1). It was faster and easier around the general face area, but I had trouble with my forehead. The suction does not last for long time on my forehead because there is not much cushion in there to support the suction for extended amount of time. So I am not sure what to do. Maybe I am supposed to do my forehead in small increments. 

And, I thought you are supposed to use it no more than 3 times per treatment in the same area, but I was wrong. You can't use more than 2 times per treatment. So I used three times all over my face this time on accident. It did not feel any different right away. After I rinsed my face and put moisturizer on, my face stung pretty badly. So it really must have been too much. When I applied my acne medication, it stung severely.

The next morning, my face was super soft and radiant with appearance of pores minimized. Minimized pore appearance did not last long, especially with this humid weather. But softness is pretty long lasting. My clogged pores were reduced, but not completely gone. And, I could definitely see that 3 times was way too much around certain areas like around the cheek bones. I still had minor scratch marks around my cheek bones after three days.

One thing I have been consistently noticing is that if you don't pull on your skin when you use the device, it leaves this weird track mark on your skin that lasts for a day and disappears, so you have to make sure you are pulling on your skin as you use it, which is what the instructions say anyway lol. I just forgot all about it as I was too concentrated on using it I guess. 

I am thinking about using it more often around the areas I have clogged pores to see if it makes more difference. That is it for today. I apologize for such a long post.