Dior Shimmer Highlighter in Rose Diamond: Discontinued item

Dior Shimmer Highlighters are old news really, and I have owned them for a few years now. It has been well loved as you can see the lighter shades are losing its print. I have the shimmer highlighter in Rose Diamond

Dior Shimmer Highlighter in Rose Diamond is a very light true pink color that is highly shimmery, but the shimmer particles are extremely fine that you don't see them individually, yet you can see the glow and shimmer after application. You really do not need much to get the effect.

It is definitely too shimmery for all over the face, and perfect for highlighting. You can use the colors as eyeshadows as well, but they are just too weak to be noticeable on the eyes. I would definitely recommend it for beautifully noticeable highlighting. I think the Dior Shimmer Highlighters are discontinued, but if you see them on blog sale or something, it is worth the try.