Beak n Sciff Apple Orchard Brewery in Upstate New York

The day we went horse riding (missed a post? read it here), we went to an Apple Orchard in Upstate New York called Beak and Sciff. It was just a gorgeous day and the atmosphere could not be more perfect. The music, apple fritters, and hard cider, it was a beautiful Saturday. There is a little shop that sells apple pies, doughnuts, candles, and all sorts of handmade country style items, which we left with two full pies. 

The most fascinating part was the brewery and complimentary tasting they had going on at another building. I tasted all their hard ciders and vodka, and absolutely loved the original hard cider. It was just sweet and bubbly enough. The cute bottles did not hurt either. I am not a hard liquor person, but the vodka had a pretty pleasant after taste. 

They put a lot of effort into decorating this place. One of the most eye catching unique decor was these cider presses. I have no idea how they are used, but it would be interesting to see how the products are made. On that thought, I should find out if they conduct a tour of their brewery, which a lot of small craft beer companies seem to do in the Upstate New York area. 

The Bloody Mary was delicious. It was not until a couple of years ago, I started to like tomato soup, so before then I would have never touched Bloody Mary. But this time, I tried and loved it. It was absolutely delicious. Appetizer anyone? 

This little shop is where the delicious apple fritters came from. I can't even tell you how delicious they were. I think there is something special about buying street food from such a cute country food stops in the fall. 

I have not talked about apple picking, but apple picking is available for anyone who is interested. It actually a nice activity for couples and families. If anyone is interested in a beautiful fall activity in Upstate New York, please do pay a visit at Beak n Sciff and enjoy your day.