Hunter Boots and Vest: Going Horse Riding

Fall is here, and I am enjoying some fall activities during my free time. When you don't have much of it, free time is precious and I don't want to waist it. Last weekend, we went "horse riding" at my friend's horse barn. It is in parenthesis, because it was more like being on a horse while my friend doing all the work. Now I really wanted to take horse riding lessons though. It was so much fun. I wore my hunter packable boots and it was perfect for dirt and mud. I reviewed it here if you are interested. 

This is our friend Sgt. Pepper. His nose was so soft and velvety. I did not want to stop touching it. 

They had a small spring pond stocked with 4 different types of trout. They are fed daily and get restocked once in a while. They were huge and it was just so beautiful to watch them swim around. It made me want to go fishing.