Physician's Formula Bronze Booster in Light-Medium Review


Physician's formula bronze booster in light-medium is the only bronzer I have, not because I am in love with it, mostly because I just don't use bronzers much. If it is too subtle I don't see much of a difference, and when it makes a difference, it is just too much for my taste. It could also be due to me not having the perfect bronzer too. Who knows...

Anyways, generally this Physician's formula bronze booster is pretty well reviewed bronzer in the drugstore store range, and people really love it because it is neither orange and muddy and blends really well. I do agree with all of those. So if you like natural bronzers, you might like this one for a little over $10. 

I myself will keep using this until I buy another bronzer that might make me a bronzer girl, but for now I am more of a blush person if not anything.