Practiced My Blogger Pose ft Coach Classic City Bag

Shoes: Sam Edelman similar // Shorts: American Eagle similar  // Tshirt: H&M // Bag: Coach // Sunglasses: Prada
We had one of the last nice days of the summer fall.  I was not prepared for this weather, so grabbed the first things I saw. Of course my distressed boyfriend denim shorts and basic tee were obvious choices. I would apologize for featuring the same denim shorts over and over again, but I won't because in real life that is what people do. When I decided to do my outfit posts, I decided that I would only post outfits that I actually wear in real life, because the blogsphere is overpopulated with carefully curated ones.  

Coach Classic City Bag is something I purchased for medical school interviews. It is a quality leather bag that is classic and timeless, and appropriate for business occasions as well as casual days. The selling factor is the lack of any branding on the bag, which is exactly what I was looking for. Since then, it has been my go to bag for a while. 

These Sam Edelman sandals are my favorite right now. The chunkly heels are comfortable and the silver straps add the minimal statement piece factor to them. But can you believe I only paid $35 for them? Marshalls and TJ Maxx tend to have some awesome finds from time to time. The trick is to go  often with an open mind without any particular purpose. Anyways, I went to a wedding over this last weekend, and my wedding outfit was my plan for today, but because of today's outfit, I pushed it back to next weekend. So stay tuned for my fall wedding outfit.