Wet and Wild Mega Last Lip Color in Wine Room Review

Wet and Wild eyeshadows are really popular and almost have the cult status, but they did not really work out for me (reviewed here). However, I did not give up on the brand. So I tried Wine Room from their Mega Last Lip Color range. It was little over 2 bucks, so I thought it was a good way to try out new colors without spending a fortune. 

Wine Room is beautiful everyday rose pink that is almost Chanelisk (is it a word?). My first thought was to bring this color with me everywhere to find the exact same color from Dior or Chanel lipsticks, because I thought it is probably going to have better formula. But to my surprise, I was blown away with its texture, finish, and lasting power for its 2 dollar price.

I applies completely matte with almost creamy texture, and lasts for 3-4hrs with some fading towards the end. It does not completely smudge off with drinks. Really does not it sound like any other lipstick you pay more than 2 bucks for? My only complaint is that it is not creamy enough, but for matter finish, I doubt I will be able to find something creamy and completely matte at the same time. 

Would I recommend it? Seriously why not, it is a cost of two snickers bar at most. And I am pretty sure you will use it at least a few times until you are bored if you are into more high end beauty products. If you don't want to spend ton of money on lipsticks, then seriously go for it!